Facilities / Our Gym

Fully Equipped State of the Art Gym.

We have a comprehensive selection of dumbbells from 2kg to 48kg. To accompany these, our gym is equipped with a Smith Machine, Power Cage, Cable Crossover and High/Low Pulley. We have a full complement of weight machines which include: Leg Press, Bicep Curl, Triceps Extension, Seated Row, Shoulder Press, Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Pec Dec, Chest Press, Lat Pull Down, Abdominal Curl and a Chin Dip Bar. 

8 Treadmills
Canon Hayes Recreation Centre - Gym
3 Uprights
Gym - Uprights
Cable Crossover
Gym - Cable Crossover
Leg Extension
Gym - Leg Extension
Pec Back
Gym - Pec Back
Chest Bench Press
Gym - Chest Bench Press
4  Rowing Machines
Gym - Rowing Machines
2 Reclining Bikes
Gym - Reclining Bikes
Leg Press
Gym - Leg Press
Leg Curling
Gym - Leg Curling
Upper Abdominal Machine
Gym - Upper Abdominal Machine
High Low Pulley
Gym - High Low Pulley
3  Cross Trainers
Gym - Cross Trainers
3  Steppers
Gym - Steppers
Deltoid Press
Gym - Deltoid Press
Row / Rear Delt
Gym - Row / Rear Delt
Chest Press
Gym - Chest Press
Lat Pulldown